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Cruising with Carina Bauer: Part I

Episode Summary

IMEX America is a massive trade show event coming to Las Vegas this November. To celebrate, this week we interviewed IMEX CEO Carina Bauer in part one of what will become a two-part series— the second following what is sure to be a smash-hit IMEX America event.

Episode Notes

Cruising with Carina Bauer: Part I

IMEX CEO Carina Bauer joins us before IMEX America


“We put a real emphasis on both industry— events 101— as well as personal and professional development.”

-Carina Bauer


Carina Bauer is CEO of The IMEX Group, a company that organizes trade shows for the international business events industry. According to Carina, her sole purpose as CEO is to help clients and partners “make more profitable connections and create even better events.”


[11:50] - What to Expect from an IMEX Event

Destinations & DMCs

Carina shares the unique way IMEX events are laid out, with destinations organized by pavilions. So even when there are over 2,000 exhibiting companies, like there is at IMEX Frankfurt, there are only around 200 actual booths to explore— a much more manageable figure for attendees.

[14:41] - Incorporating Personal Development into Events

Catering to passions and learning styles

The IMEX team is passionate about changing up learning styles at events, from chats to facilitated discussions or more traditional seminar sessions. They even run Campfire-style seminars and other unique networking opportunities and workshops to cater to a wide range of personalities. 


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